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🎉 JPS Reached 100,000 Reads on Wattpad! 🎉

To be honest, writing a whole entire 80,000-word book is harder than I thought it would be, but also more rewarding than I could've ever imagined.

And gosh, I never could’ve imagined 100,000 reads! EEEEEK!

If you wanna read about me gush more, that's in my last author's note in JPS, I just wanted to take a second (or maybe a couple minutes, well, several minutes) to thank a few of you who really made a huge difference while I was posting JPS. Your encouragements, your comments, your support– it means everything to me.

@nonfictionalex - My first friend on Wattpad. Alex, you showed me the ropes and encouraged me so much to keep writing.

@vanessawritesfiction - Vanessa. I appreciate you so, so much. I don't know what else to say other than thank you for being here from basically the first day I posted JPS to now.

@Sam_Franco - SAM. Sam, Sam, Sam, you've supported me so much, messaged me, hyped me up when I was feeling down. Thank you. - The queen of my comments, an icon

@theoliviavaughn - We’ve only just met recently, but I’m like 99% sure we’re the same human in different bodies. You totally get my wacky humour and indulge my weird tangents in our conversations, thanks for being my writing buddy!!

@rhian_writes - who is currently reading JPS and whose comments are SO HILARIOUS

My lil livestream ~squad~ (idk i need a better name, that’s what we’re going with rn) @tiffanyannewrites@marsfrommarsx@wndr.clarke@lesbianjuliet88@sapphirethewriter@chanbrowne6@s.soila.s

I wish I could write this for every single one of you, but I've got more words to write😉, so I'll keep it brief.

I want to say a huge thank you to those of you who've commented and voted on almost every single chapter of JPS. You were there the minute I updated, left such encouraging comments, and kept me writing Nat's story. Thank you.

On my Instagram, I posted a list of readers who have voted, commented, added JPS to a reading list, or followed me while JPS was ongoing. You'll forever hold a special lil place in my heart for helping me write this novel. Thank you so, so much to all 2,257 of you (plus the new 600 of you who joined in after JPS ended!)❤️





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Nikki Pierce is a romance author & Wattpad Star obsessed with creating romantic, fun stories that may or may not keep you up reading late into the night!


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