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the art of hating you

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All's fair in love and publicity.




After a career-ending injury, sixteen-year-old Shay Gupta's hopes at the Olympics are crushed. Despite becoming @FamousFumbles, one of Toronto's most popular Instagrammers, Shay is determined to wallow in self-pity. Since she keeps her pithy social commentary posts a secret, her parents force her into a summer internship at Gupta Media, her aunt's company. She may be an expert at life behind a keyboard, but reality? Good luck with that.




With a life in the spotlight, seventeen-year-old Flynn Hudson wants nothing more than to be left alone with his motorcycle and guitar. But, after a string of not-so-great decisions, his reputation went from bad boy rockstar to reckless rich kid. On a "break" from his world tour, Flynn's parents move him to Toronto for a fresh start. Only, there's no deleting your past, and Flynn can't avoid @FamousFumbles anonymous criticism...

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When Flynn's parents hire Gupta Media to clean up his image, the last thing he expects is to run into @FamousFumbles, the Instagrammer who didn't catch him on his best day. As the only one who knows her hidden identity, he can't wait to make her life hell when she's assigned to his PR team.


How far will Shay go to keep her online persona a secret? And what happens when the lines between reality and a PR campaign are blurred? This is war, uh, publicity, baby.


The first chapter of this story was a finalist in the #ShawRocketFund Contest and will be on hold while I work on the Summit University Series. Let me know if you're excited to read more of Shay's story!

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  • BOOK TITLE: The Art Of Hating You

  • AGE CATEGORY: Young Adult

  • GENRE: Contemporary Romance

  • STATUS: On Hold

  • AVAILABILITY: First Chapter on Wattpad


    • Steam Level (on a 1-10 scale; 1=kisses, 10=erotica): 2-4

    • Enemies to lovers romance

    • Fake relationship

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